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Theatre Dance Council International TDCI                                   Registered Charity No 289965 A non profit organisation committed to the development and promotion of Theatre Dance Disciplines for the  benefit of Dance Teachers and their Students. The inaugural meeting was held at the Arts Theatre Club,  London on 28th April 1958 and chaired by Mr Arthur H. Franks, Editor of the Dancing Times. © TDCI 
The Charity Working for Dancers Founded 1958
General Secretary of The Theatre Dance Council International TDCI Chris Booth E-mail:
President Barbara Sharples
Vice President Glenys McGill
The Road Map to a successful Career in Theatre Dance Where Champions are made, Ambitions are Realised and Dreams fulfilled.  TDCI is an umbrella organisation specialising in the administration of all the theatre dance disciplines (The FA of Theatre Dance). For decades the member organisations have been responsible for the success and high level of dance education and training, as we know it today.  The ongoing work of the TDCI council and the member organisations includes: 	Constant review of of technique and evolving dance trends  	Recognition of dance schools and academies. 	Providing recognised teaching qualifications in dance by examination. 	Appointement of qualified adjudicators. 	Formulation of rules for championships and festivals. 	Granting of approved TDCI National and Regional championship titles. 	When funds permit to award scholarships.  The experience gained from the study of dance is invaluable. It develops confidence, commitment and self esteem. There is no better preparation a young person can obtain to prepare for the Theatre of life, that audition, and the all important job interview. TDCI The Pathway to Self Fulfillment
NOTE; COMPETITORS REGISTRATION CARDS FOR 2015 CAN BE APPLIED FOR NOW.  (NO CARDS WILL BE SENT OUT UNLESS A STAMPED ADDRESSED ENVELOPE IS ENCLOSED! APPLY EARLY TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT! Check you enclose form, photos, payment, and SAE. The IDTA Ballet Championships Final that was previously held at the Miss Dance Event in June, will no longer be held after the 2014 Event on the 8th June. This decision was taken after much consideration at the Miss Dance recent committee meeting. However all Championships listed on the TDCI website are of course still available as listed under National Events. At the British Championships held in Blackpool (28th July to 2nd August 2015), Juvenile Events will now be Championships and not Challenges as previous. Fees for “all competitors participating” in Championship Events are now £15. Organisers of Regional Championships -  Fees for 2015 Championship Titles will be £30 per Championship. Please request your 2016 titles in September to gain maximum publicity for your Event. NOTE; ALL ORGANISERS MUST APPLY AND SEND FEES FOR CHAMPIONSHIPS AT LEAST 6 MONTHS PRIOR TO THE CHAMPIONSHIP TAKING PLACE, OTHERWISE THE TITLES CAN BE OFFERED TO ANOTHER ORGANISER REQUESTING TITLES. PLEASE SEND IN APPLICATIONS ASAP TO AVOID ANY DISAPPOINTMENT
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Important Notice
With regard to registrations for competitors who wish to compete in Championship Events. These must be applied for at least 6 weeks before the Championship, and if your registration card is not received 3 weeks prior to the event then you must contact the General Secretary to enquire if the application has been lost in the post or the card has been lost  in returning to the competitor. This will then give sufficient time to get a replacement to you. Organisers of Championships are not allowed to let competitors dance in any TDCI Championship unless they produce their registration card for the current year. All cards are valid for one year ( 1st January until 31st December ). Please apply for your registration card ASAP to avoid any disappointment at the Event!
The mission of the Theatre Dance Council International is to provide the best possible opportunity for Teachers of Dance and their Students to demonstrate their talents and to present them to fullest advantage to encourage endeavour in the theatre dance disciplines and reward merit.
TDCI Mission Statement
ENGLISH CHAMPIONSHIP WINNERS 2014 Please click here to download this form. Complete form and send with fee of 25 to the  TDCI General Secretary. Your details can then be  included on the TDCI Website relevant page. High Priority TDCI Competitors Registration Scheme came into operation 1st January 2012 Click Here for Details TDCI