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  Officers 2014. Past Chairmen & Past Presidents In 1958 the inaugural meeting elected Arthur H Franks as Chairman. The office continued until 1979 When Carl Bryant was made the first Life President.   Past Chairman Arthur H Franks 1958 - 1964 E Kelland Espinosa 1964 - 1965 Carl Bryant 1966 - 1969 Wilfred Orange AEA 1979 - 1984 Roger Billington 1985 - 2000 Past Presidents Carl Bryant    (First Life President) 1979 Wilfred Orange  1985 Roger Billington 1985 -  1995 Lilian Aubrey 2001 -  2003 Audrey Griffiths 2004 -  2006 (Died March 2006) Shirley Thompson - Bradley     2006 - 2009 Glenys McGill                           2010 - 2011 Linda Cook 2012 - 2013 Barbara Sharples 2014 - 2015 Linda Cook 2016 - 2017 Gae Sowerby 2018 - 2019 Kathy Booth 2020 - 2023 TDCI Officers President        Helen Ford ( BATD ) 2023 - 2025 Vice President   Lilian Aubrey ( NCDTA ) 2023 - 2025 Council Delegates Lee Clark and Val Nurse             ABD Jan Archer and Nadine Judge.      SDTA Helen Ford and Diana Freedman.  BATD Kathy Booth & Chris Booth ADA Barbara Sharples and Linda Cook IDTA Lilian Aubrey and Gae Sowerby NCDTA Amanda Hanlon and Paula Wood UTD Andrea Brunton & Natalie Hume NATD Chris Booth (General Secretary) 41 Howey Lane Frodsham Cheshire WA6 6DD Telephone: 01928 739166 E-mail:
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Theatre Dance Council International TDCI                                   Registered Charity No 289965 A non profit organisation committed to the development and promotion of Theatre Dance Disciplines for the benefit of Dance Teachers and their Students. The inaugural meeting was held at the Arts Theatre Club, London on 28th April 1958 and chaired by Mr Arthur H. Franks, Editor of the Dancing Times. © TDCI
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Theatre Dance Council International Founded 1958 High Priority TDCI Competitors Registration Scheme came into operation 1st January 2012 Click Here for Details TDCI About us Member-associations Carl alan awards National events Results Gallery Teacher Adjudicators Downloads
Theatre Dance Council International, formerly the Stage Dance Council was founded in 1958. It is not a dance association in its own right. It’s main function is that of a trade or umbrella organisation. The membership of the council comprises of an amalgam of dance qualification awarding bodies from the various regions of the United Kingdom. TDCI is a forum or parliament of delegates regularly meeting to discuss matters concerning the teachers of the theatre dance disciplines. Wide ranging subjects such as government legislation, health and safety, professional conduct, rules for scholarships, competitions and championships. The current member associations of TDCI are: ADA.. Allied Dancing Association. ABD .. Associated Board of Dance IDTA.. International Dance Teachers Association. NCDTA.. Northern Counties Dance Teachers Association. SDTA .. Scottish Dance Teachers Alliance UTD.. United Teachers of Dance. BATD - British Association of Teachers of Dancing NATD - National Association of Teachers of Dancing The member association of the TDCI have loyally served the needs and aspirations of Dance Teachers and their Students with great distinction and dedication. The member associations have provided progressive dance education and training for students taking their very first steps in dance through to performing on the professional stage. The member associations have developed recognised qualifications for dance teachers seeking to further their careers. We are proud to state that the TDCI established in 1958 has been in existence for just over 50 Years, However some member associations have been established much longer. for example the BATD and IDTA  have provided continuous service for over 100 years.  Through two devastating world wars “ The Show Went On” Standards and techniques set down by the member associations of the TDCI have been honed and perfected over decades. They have become accepted and recognised throughout he United Kingdom and indeed the world at large as the “Bedrock” of dance development as we know it today. · Theatre Dance Council International is a self funding registered charity. · It is supported by subscriptions from the member associations and the support of teachers and students attending scholarships and championships. · TDCI does not receive grants or financial support of any kind from central government. In the main the TDCI member associations attend to the needs of teachers working in the private sector. However it must be recognised many individual teachers are employed within the state education system. Membership of the Theatre Dance Council International is open to other established dance associations with a recognised constitution that is compatible with the existing TDCI member associations.
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