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The Theatre Carl Awards

The Oscars of The World of Dance

The Carl-Alan Awards were first introduced in 1953 by Eric Morley and were named after the joint Chairmen of Mecca Dancing Ltd. Carl Heimann and Alan B Fairley. Mecca Dancing Ltd promoted dancing through their well appointed Ballrooms all over the United Kingdom. In every major town or city was a Mecca ‘Palaise de Danse’   The Carl Alan Awards very quickly became the most prestigious event in the dancing calendar. Featured on BBC National Television and on many occasions members of the Royal Family agreed to present the awards. The highest ranking royal being the Duke of Edinburgh. The awards became known as ‘The Oscars of the  World of Dance’. With the decline in the popularity of social ballroom dancing, the change of music tastes by the general public and the rise in popularity of the Discotheque. Driven by the necessity to stay in business Mecca were obliged to diversify. The local Palaise de Danses closed and Mecca closed down their Ballroom Dancing interests. As a result the last Carl Alan Awards run by Mecca were in 1983 and were not presented between 1984 to 1992. Roger Billington. The National Organiser for Butlins Ltd and President of the then Stage Dance Council acquired the rights to organise the Carl Alan Awards from Eric Morley as a result the awards were continued at Butlins Holiday Centres from 1993 to 1999. It was during this period and for the very first time Roger Billington introduced the Theatre faculty into the list of recipients of the awards. Once again the economic influence took over events and Butlins were taken over by Bourne Leisure. The new company withdrew their patronage of dance. The rights of the Carl Alan Awards were purchased by the Stage Dance Council. The Council continued to promote the awards independently from 2000 to 2003. While the Ballroom and Freestyle awards were promoted by other sponsors. There were no theatre awards presented for 2004 and 2005 due to negotiations with IDTA. From 2006 until 2011 the International Dance Teachers Association presented the awards.  The International Dance Teachers Association has been granted permission to promote the awards on behalf of the Theatre Dance Council International. These have been organised and presented at the prestigeous Royal Lancaster Hotel. London. In 2012 and 2013, the Theatre Dance Council International presented the 'Theatre Carl Alan Awards', and with kind permission of the British Dance Council, also presented the 'Freestyle Carl Alan Awards'. As from 2014, Carl Alan Awards for 'Streetdance' are also to be introduced. 1993 to 1999 Butlins presented the Theatre award in six categories. (3 Amateur & 3 Professional). a). Ballet b). Modern c). Tap d). Teachers Award. e). Professional Award. Contribution to Stage Dance Ballet. Modern. Tap. f). Special Award for Outstanding Services. 2000 to 2003 The three professional categories. were presented by Stage Dance Council. The Theatre Carl Alan Awards are currently presented in five categories by IIDTA. a). Performers Award. b). Teachers Award. c). Coach Choreographer Award. d). Outstanding services to Dance Award. e). Lifetime Achievement Award' Past winners of the Prestigious Theatre Carl Alan Awards All awards are dated one year behind. Amateur Awards presented by Butlins Holidays l993 to 1999 Year  Ballet                 Modern                  Tap                    1993   Joanna Bungay          Helen Rose              Donna Claffey 1994   Redecca Jackson      Natalie Morris         Joanne Kilminster 1995   Joanne Denham         Rebecca Jackson     Leanne Thompson 1996   Christopher Lewis     Lizzi Grunsell          Natalie Morris 1997   Kristen McNalley     Michael Parkinson     Joanne Yuille 1998   Jennifer Ellison        Kerry Platts            Ellen Richardson Professional awards presented by Butlins Holidays 1993 to 1999. Year   Teachers Award Professional Award Outstanding Services 1993    Sadie Simpson       Roy Castle 1994    Ella Hardy            Robert Harrold                Emily Chadburn 1995    Jessie Stewart      Douglas Squires               Bill Tasker 1996    Margaret Cox        Geoff David                    Sally Ann Falshaw 1997    Gerry Zuccarello   Greame Henderson           Robert Falshaw 1998    Ian McLeod           Phil Winston                    Jean Rowbotham 1999    Peggy Harrison      Rosemarie Ford       Veronica Hamill/Wayne Sleep Professional awards presented by Stage Dance Council 2000 to 2003 Year   Teachers Award Professional Award Outstanding Services 2000    Jean Geddes          Audrey Griffiths     Hilda Hilton-Bromley/Harriet Skipper 2001    Barbara Woff       Loretta Legge Nora Button/John Harrison 2002    Judith Sylvester   Graeme Henderson   Barbara Sharples/Lilian Aubrey 2003    Glenys McGill       Colin Lang       Margaret Walls/Glenys McGill 2004/ 2005 No awards were presented. Awards presented by International Dance Teachers Association. Year  Theatre Performers Award Theatre Teachers Award Coach/Choreographer 2006   Anna Jane Casey      Patricia Lupino Thompson       Stephen Mear 2007   Darcey Bussell OBE              Judith Thompson                   Paul Harris 2008   Russell Sargeant                   Annette Bromley                   Phil Winston 2009   Adam Booth                  Elma Whyte                 Jayne Torvill & Christopher Dean Year  Outstanding Services Award Lifetime Achievment Award 2006   Arlene Phillips                           Hilda Hylton Bromley 2007   Shirley Thompson-Bradley   Freda Crompton MBE 2008   Derek Young                           Bruce Forsyth 2009  Jessie Stewart-Haggerty MBE   Dame Beryl Grey
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THEATRE DANCE COUNCIL INTERNATIONAL  President ; Kathy Booth ( ADA ) Vice President ; Helen Ford ( BATD )  Re; 2020 WINNERS Carl Alan Awards ( Theatre and Freestyle) And 2021 WINNERS Carl Alan Awards ( Theatre and Freestyle )  2020 Carl Alan Awards  Freestyle Young Performers Award WINNER Josh Watson Theatre Young Performers Award WINNER Harrison Vaughan  2021 Carl Alan Awards Freestyle Young Performers Award WINNER Cody Adams Theatre Young Performers Award WINNER Max Penfold  *************************************************************************************** 2020 Carl Alan Awards  Freestyle Performers Award WINNER Christopher Otim Theatre Performers Award WINNER Ivan De Freitas  2021 Carl Alan Awards Freestyle Performers Award WINNER Abbey Burns Theatre Performers Award WINNER Bonnie Langford  *************************************************************************************** 2020 Carl Alan Awards Freestyle Teachers Award WINNER Agnes Knox Theatre Teachers Award WINNER Hollie Sorelle McCully  2021 Carl Alan Awards Freestyle Teachers Award WINNER Adam Nightingale Theatre Teachers Award WINNER Nazene Danielle  **************************************************************************************** 2020 Carl Alan Awards Freestyle Competition Coach Award WINNER Darrien Wright Theatre Choreographers Award WINNER Dan Whiston  2021 Carl Alan Awards Freestyle Competition Coach Award WINNER Angela Stirland Booth Theatre  Choreographers Award WINNER Matt Flint  **************************************************************************************** 2020 Carl Alan Awards Freestyle Outstanding Services Award WINNER Denise Baker THEATRE Outstanding Services Award WINNER Phil Winston  2021 Carl Alan Awards Freestyle Outstanding Services Award WINNER Tracy Walters Theatre  Outstanding Services Award WINNER Annette Hufton  ****************************************************************************************  2020 Carl Alan Awards Freestyle Lifetime Achievement Award WINNER Lilian Aubrey Theatre Lifetime Achievement Award WINNER Mavis Whiteside  2021 Carl Alan Awards Freestyle Lifetime Achievement Award WINNER Anna Jones THEATRE Lifetime Achievement Award WINNER Dougie Squires OBE    Many thanks to all the associations for their continued support for this prestigious event. Iím sure that everyone who attended the awards ceremony will agree, the atmosphere was fantastic,  and the whole evening was a great success.   I have received many messages of congratulations to the TDCI for presenting an excellent Theatre & Freestyle Carl Alan Awards event 2020/2021.  Congratulations again to all the winners,  Chris Booth TDCI General Secretary Carl alan awards