Theatre Dance Council International TDCI                                   Registered Charity No 289965 A non profit organisation committed to the development and promotion of Theatre Dance Disciplines for the  benefit of Dance Teachers and their Students. The inaugural meeting was held at the Arts Theatre Club,  London on 28th April 1958 and chaired by Mr Arthur H. Franks, Editor of the Dancing Times. © TDCI 
General Secretary of The Theatre Dance Council International TDCI Chris Booth E-mail:
Theatre Dance Council International The Charity Working for Dancers Founded 1958 High Priority TDCI Competitors Registration Scheme came into operation 1st January 2012 Click Here for Details TDCI About us Member-associations Carl alan awards National events Results Gallery Teacher Adjudicators Downloads
EXCITING NEWS! TDCI ‘CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS’ & ‘SENIOR BURSARY AWARD’ The TDCI are pleased to announce the above. All Junior & Senior TDCI Championship Winners will be invited to compete in a “Champion of Champions” event in Tap, Ballet, Modern and Song & Dance. All Junior and Senior Winners in TDCI Championships held between 1st January 2017 to 31st December 2017 that qualify for the 21st January Final will be invited to compete. The winner of each section will be awarded a “Champion of Champions” Trophy. Actual date of the finals will be 21st JANUARY 2018. Same venue. PLUS The winners of each of the four SENIOR  sections  ( Tap * Ballet* Modern* Song & Dance )  will compete in a final section for the ***TDCI SENIOR BURSARY AWARD OF £500*** The runner-up will be awarded £100 And the other 2 finalists will be awarded £50 each! Winners who have won at more than one Championship in the relevant subject, may only compete once in that section, however will represent all the Championships they have won at.  ie a competitor winning the North East Tap, the British Tap and the Northern Tap Championship, will dance ONCE in the ‘Champion of Champions’ TAP event,  representing all 3 Championships.  If they have won another Championship in Ballet, Modern or Song & Dance, they may also compete in the event for that subject. All invitations to compete in this MAJOR EVENT will be sent out by the General Secretary, and only TDCI Registered Competitors are eligible.
SUNDAY 21st January 2018 Marine Hall Theatre The Esplanade, Fleetwood Nr Blackpool, Lancashire FY7 6HF
‘CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS’ JANUARY 2016 WINNERS LISTING Winners were as follows; Junior Ballet - Lydia Peverell ( NCDTA North East ) Senior Ballet - Harry Wilson ( NCDTA North East also South Yorkshire also English ) Junior Tap - Ellie Griffiths ( NCDTA North East also White Rose also English also Cleveland also West Ridings ) Senior Tap - Jennifer Morrison ( Northern Stage Dance ) Junior Modern - Amelia Tyler ( British ) Senior Modern - Ali Rasul ( English ) Junior Song - Harrison Langham ( IDTA North of England, Manchester ) Senior Song - Emily Ridden ( South & West Yorkshire ) BURSARY 1st - ALI RASUL ( Modern ) 2nd - JENNIFER MORRISON ( Tap ) 3rd - HARRY WILSON ( Ballet ) & EMILY RIDDEN ( Song & Dance )
TDCI CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS JANUARY 22ND 2017, FINAL RESULTS Junior Ballet 1st Harry Boucher - Baker Grayson 2nd Matilda Jackson - Nadine McKenzie Judge 3rd Jay Allan - Val Armstrong Senior Ballet 1st Harry Smallman - Jelli Studios 2nd Ellis Derrick - Linda Lowry School 3rd Danielle Pope - Rhythms Junior Tap 1st Zara Williams - Val Armstrong 2nd Carmen Judge - Nadine McKenzie Judge 3rd Brooke Gordon - Val Armstrong Senior Tap 1st Abbie Platts - Nadine's Academy 2nd Ellie Griffiths - Val Armstrong 3rd Sian Husband - Maloney School Junior Modern 1st Millie Wright - Nadine McKenzie Judge 2nd Jay Allan - Val Armstrong 3rd Harrison Vaughn - Jelli Studios Senior Modern 1st Abbie Platts - Nadine's Academy 2nd Leah Darby - Adele Taylor 3rd Harry Wilson - Scott Stevenson Junior Song & Dance 1st Matilda Jackson - Nadine McKenzie Judge 2nd Poppy Middleton - Adele Taylor 3rd Ava Judge - Nadine McKenzie Judge Senior Song & Dance 1st Georgia Lennon - Elwick Academy 2nd Katie Allan - Val Armstrong 3rd James Wilkinson Jones - Nadine's Academy Junior Bursary - ( new this year ) 1st Zara Williams - Phil Winston's Summer School Scholarship Place 2nd Matilda Jackson - Phil Winston's Easter School Scholarship Place Senior Bursary - 1st Abbie Platts - £500 plus Urdang Academy Full Summer School Scholarship Place 2nd Georgia Lennon - £100 plus Urdang Academy Half Summer School Scholarship Place 3rd Harry Smallman & Abbie Platts - £50 each Our excellent adjudicator for the day was Mr Dougie Squires OBE. Thank you to our Sponsors of this event. 'Urdang Academy - London' and 'Phil Winston's Theatreworks - Blackpool' for their Summer School and Easter School Scholarships. Thank you to the ABD for sponsoring all the Trophies for this event.