Theatre Dance Council International TDCI                                   Registered Charity No 289965 A non profit organisation committed to the development and promotion of Theatre Dance Disciplines for the benefit of Dance Teachers and their Students. The inaugural meeting was held at the Arts Theatre Club, London on 28th April 1958 and chaired by Mr Arthur H. Franks, Editor of the Dancing Times. © TDCI
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Festivals holding TDCI Championship Titles by Month
The IDTA Ballet Championships Final that was previously held at the Miss Dance Event in June, will no longer be held after the 2014 Event on the 8th June. This decision was taken after much consideration at the Miss Dance recent committee meeting. However all Championships listed on the TDCI website are of course still available as listed under National Events.
The TDCI Championships Medallions are sponsored by the Northern Dance Teachers Association.    The TDCI thank the NCDTA for this kind sponsorship.
A selection of photos that include winners from the NCDTA CHAMPIONSHIPS 2015 wearing the TDCI Medallions kindly sponsored by the Northern Counties Dance Teachers Association. Click on the photos to enlarge
TDCI CHAMPIONSHIPS 2019 at 3rd June 2019 ( Note; Only heats confirmed and fees received are on this list ) These are taken from the application forms received for 2019 JANUARY – CHESHIRE CHAMPIONSHIPS all Junior/Senior Championships FEBRUARY – FEVRIER CHAMPIIONSHIPS Juv. Ballet/all Juniors/Sen. Mod & Song FEBRUARY – FOX VALLEY CHAMPS Juv. Mod & Song. Jun/Sen. Tap, Mod, Song FEBRUARY – DURHAM COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIPS. Juv./Jun./Sen. Tap, Mod, Song FEBRUARY – VALENTINE LEEDS COUNTY CHAMPS. Jun. Song, Sen. Modern FEBRUARY – HARTLEPOOL CHAMPIONSHIPS. All Juvenile Championships MARCH -  ABD CENTRAL ENGLAND CHAMPS. Jun & Sen. Tap/Modern MARCH – HARTLEPOOL CHAMPIONSHIPS. All Junior & Senior Championships MARCH – MONTGOMERY CHAMPS. Juv, Jun, Sen. Tap/Ballet/Modern/Song MARCH – WYTHENSHAWE CHAMPS. Juvenile Ballet MARCH – CHESTERFIELD CHAMPS. All  Juv/Jun/Sen. Championships MARCH – SPRINGTIME SE YORKSHIRE. Juv Song/Jun. Tap/Sen. Tap & Modern MARCH -  HUDDERSFIELD NORTH LIGHT. Jun. Tap/Mod. Sen. Song/Mod. MARCH – NORTH OF ENGLAND ULTIMATE SUPREME. Jun/Sen. Ballet MARCH – NORTH of ENGLAND/NW  ( Huddersfield ) Juv/Jun. & Sen. Tap MARCH – NW YORKSHIRE. Juv. Mod/ Tap. Jun Ballet/Song. Sen. Modern MARCH – LEEDS CITY CHAMPS. Juv. Jun. Sen. TAP/MODERN MARCH/APRIL – BATD SCOTTISH. All Juv. Jun. Sen. Championships APRIL – EAST MIDLANDS. Jun. Ballet/Modern./Song/Tap APRIL – DEARNE VALLEY. Juv. Jun. Sen. Modern/Tap/Song APRIL – NCDTA NORTH EAST. Juv. Song. Jun/Sen. TAP/BALLET/MODERN MAY – NORTH & SOUTH YORKSHIRE. Juv. Jun. Sen. MODERN/SONG & DANCE MAY – NE of ENGLAND. Juv. Song/Jun. Ballet/Sen. Modern MAY – DEVA CHAMPS. Juv. & Sen. Ballet/Tap/Modern. Junior Tap/Ballet/Mod/Song. MAY – NORTHERN STAGE. Junior & Senior Tap/Modern MAY – CLEVELAND. Juv. Jun. Sen. TAP & MODERN MAY – YORKSHIRE & HUMBERSIDE. Juv. Song/Jun. Tap & Mod./Sen. Tap MAY – IDTA SCOTTISH AREA. All Juv/Jun/Sen. Championships MAY – MONTGOMERY SUMMERTIME. Juv.Mod/Song; Jun. Mod/Song/Ballet; Sen. Mod/Song MAY/JUNE – SHEFFIELD FOX VALLEY.Juv. Mod/ Jun./Sen. TAP & MODERN JUNE – AKG  MIDLAND OPEN. Juv. Jun. Sen. Tap/Ballet/Modern/Song JUNE -  ABD WELSH  Jun. & Sen. Tap/Modern/Song JUNE  - NORTHERN STAGE. Juvenile Tap & Modern JUNE – NORTH LEICESTERSHIRE. Junior/Senior Modern JUNE – EAST COAST. Jun & Sen. TAP/BALLET/MODERN/SONG JULY – LAITHES GOLDTHORPE. Juv. Mod/JUNIOR & SENIOR Mod/Tap/Song JULY – NORTH ( Jun. Tap ), NW YORKS. Jun. Mod/Song JULY – EAST MIDLANDS. SHEPSHED. Jun & Sen. . Ballet/Mod/Song./Tap. JULY – IDTA NORTH WEST. Jun./Sen. Ballet. Modern. Song. JULY – SURREY ( South/South East ). Juv. Ballet/Modern. Jun. Ballet/Modern/Tap.   Sen. Modern/Tap AUGUST – WEST OF SCOTLAND.  Jun/Sen. Tap/Ballet/Modern/Song AUGUST – WHITE ROSE. Juv. Mod/Jun & Sen. Tap, Ballet, Mod, Song & Dance AUGUST – NETHERWOOD. Juv. Mod/Tap,/Jun. & Sen. Tap, Mod,  Song. Sen. Acro SEPTEMBER – WEST YORKSHIRE. Juv. Mod/Jun. Mod & Song/Sen. Song SEPTEMBER – WEST YORKSHIRE. Jun. Ballet/Sen. Ballet & Tap SEPTEMBER – NORTHERN STAGE. Juv. Jun. Sen. SONG SEPTEMBER – CLEVELAND. Juv. Jun. Sen. BALLET SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER – HOLME VALLEY. Jun. Song/Ballet. Sen. Tap/Modern SEPTEMBER – CITY OF WAKEFIELD. Juv. Mod./Ballet., Jun. Mod/Tap/Song. , Sen. Mod/Tap OCTOBER – SDTA. Juv. Jun. Sen. Tap/Ballet/Modern/Song Juv. Jun. Sen. Acro. Baby Cabaret/Baby Non Cabaret OCTOBER – CREWE/MERSEYSIDE. All Junior & Senior Championships, plus Juv. Modern/Ballet OCTOBER – CUMBRIA ( WORKINGTON ) All Juv/Jun/Sen Tap/Ballet/Modern/Song OCTOBER/NOVEMBER – MILLENIUM. Jun. Ballet/Modern/Song. Sen. Modern OCTOBER/NOVEMBER – WEST RIDING ( BEDAZZLED  ). All Juv/Jun/Sen. NOVEMBER -  COALVILLE CHOREOGRAPHY Juv. Modern/Song & Dance, Junior Ballet/Song & Dance, Senior Tap/Modern NOVEMBER – ALLIED DANCING ASSOCIATION. Jun./Sen. Tap/Ballet/Modern/Song NOVEMBER – 1066 HASTINGS. Juv. Tap/Ballet/Modern. All Jun & Sen Champs NOVEMBER – CLEVELAND. Juv/Jun/Sen. Song NOVEMBER – HUDDERSFIELD Juv. Song/.Jun. Mod & Tap/ Sen. Ballet & Tap DECEMBER – DARLINGTON. All Junior & Senior Championships We can only include confirmed TDCI Championships. No TDCI Championships are confirmed and granted to the organizer until requested, application form completed, and fees paid in full.