Theatre Dance Council International TDCI                                   Registered Charity No 289965 A non profit organisation committed to the development and promotion of Theatre Dance Disciplines for the benefit of Dance Teachers and their Students. The inaugural meeting was held at the Arts Theatre Club, London on 28th April 1958 and chaired by Mr Arthur H. Franks, Editor of the Dancing Times. © TDCI
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Came into operation as from 1 January 2012 The TDCI Competitors registration scheme was announced at the teachers meeting held at the British Championships in Blackpool on August 2010. This came into effect as from 1 Jan 2012. Following long debate the Council have come to the conclusion that due to the increase of government legislation and regulations relating to health & safety and child protection. TDCI are obliged to take measures to accommodate them. “Like them or Loath them” they are here to stay.  Having  sought advice from other similar competitive dance governing bodies. It transpired that the TDCI was the only umbrella body that did not operate a competitors registration system. The Council adopted the system used by SOBHD (Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing).   When booking Theatres and Halls for festivals and championships. Administrators and  Hall managers ask for more guarantees about methods of control and the responsibility of guardians when admitting children onto their premises. Presenting a well organised image is of prime importance when dealing with the authorities The registration scheme will help Teachers and Championship organisers to give a positive assurance of good governance. Every competitor entering TDCI championships will be required to pay a fee of £8.00 per year to cover the administration costs of the scheme.   The Registration Scheme will consist of four main elements. a).  The Theatre Dance Council International. Who will operate the scheme and keep records. b).  The Dance School Principal. Who will be responsible for ensuring that their pupils are registered before entering a championship. c).  Competition Organiser. Will be responsible for checking the entries. d).  The Competitor. Will have proof of status as a Championship Dancer.  Copies of the official registration forms to be completed and returned to this office along with the appropriate fee, can be printed off the website by clicking HERE.